Welcome to our Starting a Business site!

This website is designed for people who are:

* starting their own business
* buying an existing business
* already running their own small business
* interested in small business issues.

We can help you in a number of ways. We offer:

- An extensive collection of "how to" articles and related Web resources to get you started
- Online courses on the topics of Starting a business, Writing business plans, accounting, database development using Microsoft Access, and more
- A thorough guideline on how to patent your invention
- Web Seminars - periodically, an expert in some area of small business gives a live Web seminar, and then sits-in on a releated discussion group
- Discussion groups (our Web Cafe) - network with others who are involved with starting and running small enterprises
- Career development advice, online job mart, classified, and much much more - have a look around!

Please note that our site is currently under construction.